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This is the 4th online test in the series of Indian geography Online Tests.

We are posting online practice test on Indian Geography. In this online there are 50 Questions from Physiography of India.

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Question 1

Amongst the following Indian States which one has the minimum total forest cover? [IAS 2004]

Question 2

Which of the following tribes is not found in Central India ? [IAS 2003]

Question 3

Why is that India has one of the lowest agricultural yields in the world?

Question 4

Which one of the following is the southern-most city ? [CDS 2004]

Question 5

Most Indians belong to the group:

Question 6

The smallest Union Territory is:

Question 7

Consider the following statements:
Among the Indian States:

1. Andhra Pradesh has the longest coastline

2. Gujarat has the highest number of airports

Which of the statements given above is/are correct? [IAS 2004]

Question 8

The Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli lies between which of the following states of India? [UDC 1993]

Question 9

Match the following:

Place of Tourist Interest Indian State

A. Araku Valley 1. Andhra Pradesh
B. Dalhousie 2. Himachal Pradesh
C. Kodaikkanal 3. Kerala
D. Munnar 4. Tamil Nadu
5. Uttaranchal


Question 10

The large States of India in the order of area are [BPSC 2011]

Question 11

Which of the following statements regarding literacy in India are correct ?
1. A person who can only read but cannot write is not defined literate
2. Children below 7 years of age are not taken into consideration even if they are able to read and write
3. For the purpose of census, a person is deemed literate if he or she can read and write with understanding in any of the 22 languages mentioned in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution
4. The fact that a district has attained hundred percent literacy does not mean that the entire population in the district is literate

Question 12

Why has the Green Revolution benefitted only a small section of India?

Question 13

Which of the following States has the largest number of people belonging to Scheduled Caste? [BPSC 2011]

Question 14

To which group do the tribals of central and southern India belong?

Question 15

Port Blair is situated in : [NDA 1993]

Question 16

In which one of the following Union Territories, people of the Onge tribe live?

Question 17

The present demographic transition of India is indicative of: [IAS 2004]

Question 18

Which one among the following is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer? [CDS 2004]

Question 19

The group of languages spoken by the largest number of people in India is :

Question 20

Which one among the following States is smallest in area?

Question 21

Which one of the following pairs of states and tribes is not correctly matched? [IAS

Question 22

In which of the following towns does the LMT (Local Meridian Time) show the greatest deviation from the 1ST (Indian Standard Time) ? [NDA 1991]

Question 23

The southernmost point of India is located in:

Question 24

Match the following: [NDA 2004]
Tourist Place State
A. Amber Fort 1. Uttar Pradesh
B. Auroville 2. Pondicherry
C. Buland Darwaza 3. Karnataka
D. Gol Gumbaz 4. Rajasthan
5. Madhya Pradesh


Question 25

Longitude is geographically significant to India because: [CPO SI 2003]

Question 26

Which of the following would have to be crossed to reach Sri Lanka from Nagercoil ?

Question 27

Which of the following Indian states does not lie on Indo-Banqla border?

Question 28

What separates Daman and Diu? [RRB 1993]

Question 29

Among the Union Territories which has the highest literacy rate?

Question 30

The oldest inhabitants of India are considered to be :

Question 31

Arrange the following religious groups in increasing order of their population in India:
1. Muslims
2. Buddhists
3. Sikhs
4. Jains
5. Christians

Question 32

How many States and Union Territories are there in India?

Question 33

Which of the following gives the correct match of states and concentration of religious groups?
1. Maharashtra- Zaroastrians
2. Maharashtra and Arunachal Pradesh - Buddhists
3. Rajasthan and Gujarat - Jains
4. Sikkim - Christians

Question 34

The 'Mahe region' located on the western coast of India is politically a part of the Union Territory of: [NDA 2002]

Question 35

Which one of the following groups comprises of States sharing borders with Chhattisgarh ? [NDA 2002]

Question 36

Which of the following is/are correct about the Rann of Kachchh ?
1. It is a flat saline marsh land
2. It is in Rajasthan
3. It is the home of the Indian Wild Ass
4. It is a unique land formation supporting several singular species of fauna

Question 37

The percentage of literates in India is :

Question 38

Bhutan is surrounded by which of the following Indian States? [CDS 2004]

Question 39

With which of the following countries has India no boundary ?

Question 40

Lakshadweep is a group of how many islands?

Question 41

The Tropic of Cancer passes through: [NDA 2004]

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