APPSC Group -1 Mains Exam, 2017 All Question Papers PDFs Download

APPSC Group -1 Mains 2017 Exam Question Papers PDFs Free Download

APPSC Group -1 Services Mains Examination, 2017 All Question Papers (General English + 5 Papers) – PDF Free Download

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) has successfully conducted the Group -1 Services (2016 Notification) Mains Exam from 17th August, 2017 to 28th August, 2017. In this Post, we are providing the Question Papers for all exam papers in PDF format of APPSC Group -1 Services Main Examination, 2017.

You can download the APPSC Group -1 Mains Exam, 2017 Question Papers from below links:

General English

Paper -1 (General Essay)

Paper -2 (Indian & AP History and Indian Polity)

Paper -3 (Indian & AP Economy)

Paper -4 (Science, Technology & Environment)

Paper -5 (Data Appreciation & Interpretation)

44 thoughts on “APPSC Group -1 Mains Exam, 2017 All Question Papers PDFs Download”

  1. I did put box around the final answer in data interpretation paper will it make my answer sheet invalid??? seriously worried…

    1. No idea…. If any of friends here have any knowledge about the time gap generally taken to declare results , can be helpful in estimating the date…. What were previous year cut offs for general candidates? Any idea?

      1. No definite trend has been followed by APPSC.. How were the question papers? How many questions could be answered? What would be the maximum marks scored in each subject..

    1. Are there any issue with questions… As it was the case last time…. I’m new to APPSC … Don’t know…. Can you tell me your paper wise performance

      1. Though questions seemed easy, writing quality answers was difficult within a very less time of 10-12 mins. Wrote many generic answers. In Paper 5,section-1 was bad for me.

        1. Now APPSC is taking utmost care in framing papers. They are trying to avoid legal hurdles as far as possible.
          In my view, no major deviations from the syllabus. I think that they will declare the results within 2 months.

      2. Dear friends, it is important and necessary for us all to have a good platform to have discussions and to vent out our grievances. Suggest if any..

  2. Don’t worry. We will examine. If your paper is not specifically identifiable, there would not be any problem. The idea is that no scope for manipulation should be there. If there is no such scope, normally we don’t disqualify. We will request the Commissionand a fair decision would be taken. No need to be tense

    The above is the message received by me from Mr Sai Secretary APPSC, when i enquired about underlining. I underlined in all papers as i have read instruction in answer booklet where it is mentioned as UNDERLINING MAY BE AVOIDED. As it is only tentative i went ahead and underlined. I thought in question paper the instruction was erroneous and further no such instruction was their in hall ticket.

  3. My analysis of papers:
    1) Paper 1 essay was multi dimensional and people who have written covering all the nuances will get 110+
    2) Paper 2 history and polity were analytical and good score will be 90+
    3) Paper 3 again is analytical and all questions are based on divergent viewpoints can score 90+
    4) Comparatively easy when considered with last year paper where sub questions were asked but questions were technical. Score can be 90+
    5) Difficult paper because it is lengthy and 110+ could be good score.

    1. No objections. Papers are perfect. Results may come by November last week or may be earlier. They have to correct only 2500 papers per paper. It may take a month or so. Results can be expected any day after October.

    1. If Appsc implements underlining thing then we can go to court based on the three reasons:
      1) In hall ticket it is not mentioned while the other things like using different pens, sketch pens are mentioned.
      2) In answer booklet it is clearly mentioned underlining “may” be avoided it means it’s only advisable and not a compulsion.
      3) All the instructions should be similar and they can’t vary from one set to another. Further instructions cannot be arbitary and underling is quite common as it is a routine practice.
      Based on the above facts we will get a favorable decision. Anyway let’s see what future beholds.

  4. If they invalid all underlined papers then we can go to court. We have a strong case for the following reasons:
    1) In hall ticket it is not mentioned while the other instructions like using different pens, sketch pens etc were mentioned
    2) In answer booklet it is clearly mentioned underlining “may” be avoided, it is only advisory not a compulsion.
    3) Instructions should be unequivocal and they can never vary from one set to another. Further underlining cannot be equated with symbols or different pens because it is common practice and we have to underline for our own clarity and examiners ease of correcting our papers.
    We have a strong case and let’s see what future beholds.

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