How to Prepare for TSPSC Forest Beat Officers (FBO) Exam, 2017?

How to Prepare for TSPSC Forest Beat Officers (FBO) Exam 2017 Study Plan Strategy

How to Prepare for TSPSC Forest Beat Officers (FBO) Exam, 2017 – Study Plan, Preparation Strategy, Tips, Techniques, Syllabus and Books to Read

Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has released the notification for the recruitment of 1857 Forest Beat Officers (FBO) in Forest Department, Government of Telangana. In this post, we will see the study plan and preparation strategy for the Forest Beat Officers Exam.

Forest Beat Officers Exam has two papers, namely:

  1. General Knowledge (Paper -1)
  2. General Mathematics (Paper -2)

For detailed FBO Exam Syllabus in Telugu, please click here: FBO Syllabus in Telugu

For detailed FBO Exam Syllabus in English, please click here: FBO Syllabus in English


Study Plan for Paper -1:

1. Current Affairs: For preparing current affairs for the exam, candidates must read read at least one news paper daily. Questions on current affairs can be asked from last 6-8 months also. Hence, candidates must cover these current affairs. There are various monthly current affairs magazines are available in the market. Candidates can read any one of them.

Candidates must also read the official magazines of Telangana from past 6-8 months. These magazines cover all important information about Telangana Government. You can also download these magazines from here: Telangana Magazines

2. General Science: For General Science, Telangana SCERT School textbooks from 6th 10th Class are essential. These textbooks cover almost all important topics and basic information which is more or less required for the exam. You can download these textbooks from here: తెలంగాణా తెలుగు మీడియం పుస్తకాలు || Telangana English Medium Textbooks

3. Environmental Issues & Disaster Management: For Environmental Studies, again Telangana SCERT school textbooks are essential. For Disaster Management, candidates can read the CBSE textbook on Disaster Management. These books are enough for this subjects. If time permits, you can read other books. You can download the CBSE Disaster Management Textbook from here: CBSE Disaster Management Textbook PDF

4. Indian Geography: For Indian Geography, NCERT or Tamil Nadu TNSCERT Indian Geography textbooks will suffice. While preparing for this subject, more emphasis must be given on Soil types, Forest types, Mountains, Rivers and various land-forms in India. You can download these textbooks from here: NCERT Geography Textbooks || TNSCERT 10th Class Indian Geography Textbook PDF

5. Telangana Geography: For Telangana Geography, Telangana SCERT Social Studies Textbooks from 6th to 10th Class are essential. In Telangana Geography also, more emphasis should be put on the different forest types, soil types, mountains, national parks, sanctuaries, important tourist places and other land-forms. We have prepared complete material on Telangana geography in Telugu. You can also download this material from here: Telangana Geography Material PDF

6. Indian Polity & Constitution: For this subject, again Telangana SCERT Social Studies Textbooks from 6th to 10th Class are essential. In this subject, more emphasis should be given on important articles of the constitution, schedules, constitutional bodies, recent constitutional amendments, important constitutional cases. We have also prepared study material on Indian Polity & Constitution in Telugu. You can download this material from here: Indian Polity & Constitution Material

7. Telangana History & Movement: For Telangana History & Movement, Telugu Akademi’s Intermediate Telangana History textbook will suffice. This book also covers in brief about the Telangana movement for separate statehood. In Telangana movement,  importance must be given to the important people, organisations, newspapers, songs, books etc. We have also compiled study material on Telangana Movement and History in Telugu. You can download this material from here: Telangana History || Telangana Movement

8. Telangana Society, Arts, Culture, Literature & Heritage: For this topic, candidates must read the Telugu subject textbooks of Telangana SCERT from 4th to 10th Class. These textbooks covers important information about Telangana Art, Culture, Literature, Heritage and Society. Questions in this subject will be very general in nature.

9. Policies of Telangana State: In this topic, candidates must be full aware of all the schemes, programs, policies of the Telangana State Government. We have compiled study material about all Telangana Government’s Programs, Schemes and Policies in Telugu & English. You can download these material from here: తెలంగాణా ప్రభుత్వ పథకాలు PDF || Telangana Programs & Schemes in English PDF

10. Ethics, Sensitivity to Gender & Weaker Sections and Social Awareness: This topic tests the individual’s thinking towards various issues, his value system. Not much preparation is needed in this topic. However, one has to think positively and em-pathetically towards the weaker sections, women.

11. Previous Question Papers: Practicing previous years exam question papers is an essential step in preparing for any competitive exam. This will give an idea about the exam pattern and type of questions being asked in a subject. Moreover, some questions tend to be repeated from the previous years papers in the future exams. We have compiled all the General Studies Previous Question Papers of all exams conducted by the TSPSC till now. You can download these previous question papers from here: TSPSC Exams Previous Papers

Study Plan for Paper -2:

This paper is the most scoring than Paper -1. The syllabus is limited compared to that of Paper -1. Candidates with good practice can easily get 80-90 marks in this paper.

The Syllabus for this Paper is 10th Class level Mathematics. For preparing for this Maths Paper, candidates must read Telangana SCERT Mathematics Textbooks from 6th to 10th Class.

The Syllabus for this paper is broadly divided into Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration and Statistics. Candidates must practice all the problems of 6th to 10th Class Mathematics textbooks.

We have also compiled few Model papers on General Mathematics subject for Forest Beat Officers Exam. You can download these model papers from here: Maths Model Papers

You also download the previous year question papers of Forest Beat Officers exam conducted in 2014 to get an idea about the exam patterns and the type of questions being asked in the exam. You can download these previous papers with answer keys from here: Forest Exams Previous Papers

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