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    TSPSC Group 2 2016 Results, Cutoff, Interview, Posts and Preferences

    Latest updates: Due to a case filed by some Group -2 Aspirants in the High Court, TSPSC is delaying the publication of Group -2 results. The HC has reserved the judgement in this case. It will probably publish the judgment in a week. Once, the judgement is given, TSPSC will publish the Group -2 results.

    More than 6 lakh candidates are waiting for TSPSC Group 2 Results 2016. The Commission has recently published final key. There are total 17 questions deleted from all 4 papers.

    TSPSC Group 2 Results 2016

    Regarding cutoff for TSPSC Group 2 results 2016, we cannot come at the exact cutoff. But any score above 420+ will be a safe score to get an Interview call. All candidates who are getting more than 420+ score, should prepare for interview.

    Interview is crucial for Group -2 selection. It carries 75 marks. There can be many variations in the interview score, as it depends upon the interpersonal capabilities of the candidate. By preparing for Group -2 interview from now itself will give the candidates an extra advantage. An early bird catches the worm of the day.

    We have compiled all the posts in TSPSC Group -2 notification 2016 in the below table as per reservation category:

    TSPSC Group -2 Posts 2016: TOTAL POSTS IN THE GROUP-2 2016 NOTIFICATION ARE 1035 (Including 3 Ex-Servicemen Category)

    TSPSC Group -2 Results 2016, TSPSC Group-2 2016 Posts


    You can download the TSPSC Group -2 Notification here: TSPSC 2016 Group 2 Notification

    For news regarding the delay in publication of Group -2 , 2016 results, click these links:



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    BC-D Zone -5 Getting 436 as per key. Any chances of Interview for me?

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      As per the final key i got 387 marks.zone VI BC-E(F) any chances of getting interview call..

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    I am getting 421 marks, I belong to Zone-6, OC. Nenu interview ki select avuthana?

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    Final key epppudu vastundi?

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      As per our latest information, final key would be uploaded by January 1st week.

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    Ravi Kiran

    Bayata cutoff 450+ vuntundi ani talk vundi. But you are telling cutoff will be 430+.. A

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      TSPSC Group -2 Cutoff would not be as high as 450+. It should be around 420-430 for General Category candidates. Getting 420 marks out of 600 is like getting 70% marks. Group -2 Papers are not that easy as assumed by many aspirants. In the question papers, questions were mainly from the basics of subjects, which require contextual understanding of the subjects.
      In our opinion, cut-off should not be more that 430. If you are getting 420 + marks in Group -2, you better start preparing for Interview.

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    Sir, After final key is released.. What will be the expected cutoff for group 2?

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      Around 420+ for open and 410+ for others

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    My score is 437 as per final key.. I am BC_B zone 6.. What r my chances for interview

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      Very good score.. you can easily expect interview call..if you perform well in interview, your selection is guaranteed

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    i got 413 bcb zone 5…any chances for me??

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      You have good chances..but prepare well fro interview…you need to get more marks in the interview to get selected.

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    Kumar N


    I am getting 380 (out of 583) SC 5th zone after checking of final key. Is there any chance to go through interview?

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      you may get interview chance but not sure..

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    Any chance to get interview call, my wife got 392, Zone 5, OC F. Please let me know.

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    dear smart prep….there is 1 question in paper 4 regarding kakinada session which tspsc has given the wrong answer…what to do??

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      commission’s decision is final..but if candidates have any issues, they can approach the courts

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    I got 405 marks as for final key is there any chance to interview

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      you will most probably get interview chance.. prepare for interview

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    Sc community

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    I got 370 zone 6 BC d male can I have
    any chance

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    Ramesh B

    Sir I got 430 marks after final key in group 2 exam. do I have any chance for interview?. people are predicting more than 440. that means it is around 76%. can we expect this figure?

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      Cutoff can’t be more than 420 for OC. Since, 17 questions were deleted, total marks would be 583. Getting 420+ means, more than 72% score.
      You will definitely get an interview chance

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    Dear Smart Prep , I request you to Suggest Preference list of Posts in Group 2 ? Although it depends on the personal interest ,In General I request you to provide Preference list of posts with explannation if Possible ? Thank You

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    Hello sir,

    According to tspsc final key I got 414 marks… I belong to ST category, 5th zone… What are my chances..??

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    I got 401. Bc-b 6zone aso finance posts eligible. Naku interview call vasthundha

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    Sir I have got 400 ….in group 2 thelengana……Iam a student belonging to caste oc female…..do I get a chance of attending interview????

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    After final key cut off marks for zone 5 is more thann 430 & zone 6 is more than 423 marks for open…..

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    426 BC b zone 6 any chance for interview

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    407 BC b zone 6 any chance for interview

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    Hello Smart prep , I have been following your site for some time now and I like the way you post important topics with some basic information. If we can build on what we learned from your posts we can easily crack the interview. Thanks for that!!

    My question is isn’t the cut offs for PSC exams were always in the range of 60-63% for OC? They why are we predicting cut off at 70%. One thing is people are saying high marks and their reason for that is paper was easy. Looking at your posts I understand that you are someone who have good knowledge and not a just another common person.

    Is your judgement about cut off is also clouded by the higher marks that candidates of posting?

    What is your analysis on the standard of the questions, are the questions way too easy and not in group2 standard? I hope not.. there are some easy questions, which will be there in any exam. But for me this exam made the student strech to maximum to get that 65% marks.Isn’t it?

    I am not asking you about cut off now.. please share your views on standard of questions.

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      Questions in Group -2 were easy to moderate standard. A person with good knowledge without much preparation can easily score 400+ in this exam. Hence, expected cutoffs are on bit high side. However, these cutoffs are expected only, we will know exact cutoffs only after results.

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    I am ex-serviceman BC-B, expecting 360. Any chance for interview call

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      I think there are only 3 posts in Group -2 for Ex-service Men. It all depends on how many ex-service men wrote group -2. However, 360 is not a bad score for u.

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      Raju raj

      Dear smart,
      Does Group2 selection based on rooster method or merit, pls clarify

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    398/583 bc_b 5th zone interview chance utadha

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    I got 360 female bc a

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    hi sir, i got 398 marks ,with Bc-B reservation Female. do i expect an interview call , if so kindly reply thank you sir.

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      Dear smart,
      What about the cut off marks for PWD candidates…

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    Hi sir
    I got 400 marks from zone -6 and bc-e
    Any chance for interview
    What will be cutoff for bc-e

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    Hi sir, i got 427 marks, Zone-V, BC-D any chances for interview.

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    how to interview the PHC candidates like unable to talk or stromaring persons. if any exemptions to that persons. please tell me sir. Recently Central Govt. has decalredstromaring persons are also PHC. is correct.

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    Dear Sir,

    What is the cut off marks for PH candidiates

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    Smart prep sir ,i have got 412 after rivised key5th zone st .is there any chances to get interview call letter.

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    I got 429 marks outof 583.OC cat.in zone.5.any chance

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    Good morning sir,

    My name ravikanth zone6 bc(b) my score 418
    IAM eagerly waiting for result
    I have any chance for interview call

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