Civil Services Values for Ethics Paper

Civil Services Values for Ethics Paper, Values for Civil Services, Ethics Values and Morals

Civil Services Values or Values for Civil Services:

In this post, we will learn about the importance of Civil Services Values.

Civil Services Values are part of the General Studies Paper -4 (Ethics Paper) Syllabus of UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam.

Definition: Values are the abstract things that humans attach importance to it.

  1. Some values are universal like honesty, non-violence, whereas some are culture specific like patriarchy.
  2. Some values are eternal like love, peace, whereas some are ever-changing like vegetarianism.
  3. Some values are depended upon circumstances. For example, when killing a person in self-defense is justified as per the existing circumstances.

Importance of Values for humans:

  1. They guide our human behavior. Without them our actions would be random and irrelevant
  2. They help us in decision-making.
  3. They are preferences and choices for us. For ex, vegetarianism is a preference.
  4. Following ethical and moral values will bring personal satisfaction.
  5. At societal level, they help in maintaining peace, order and harmony.
  6. They help in evaluating others actions w.r.t right or wrong.
  7. They help us in having compliance with law.
  8. They help us in observing societal norms and organizational principles.
  9. Self-realization or self-actualization is only possible for ethical human beings who adheres to ethical values.

Value-Conflict: It is a situation in which one person or organization is faced with a dilemma to chose between two values, which are contradictory.

For example, conflict between environmental protection vs development.

Similarly, conflict between professional values and personal values is also a value-conflict. For example, a Doctor treating a wounded rapist. As per his professional values, he must treat a person who is in need irrespective of what he is, whereas as a person his values will be in conflict with his professional values.

Following civil services values are essential in the functioning of a civil servant. We need to apply these values in answering case studies question in Ethics paper.

  1. Commitment to public service and duty
  2. Transparency in functioning
  3. Objectivity in approach
  4. Neutrality
  5. Integrity
  6. Empathy towards weaker sections
  7. Compassion to ameliorate their problems
  8. Honesty
  9. Uprightness
  10. Leadership capability
  11. Trustworthiness
  12. Truthfulness
  13. Accountability for his actions
  14. Effectiveness in results
  15. Self-Motivation
  16. Perseverance
  17. Discipline
  18. Selflessness
  19. Love for justice
  20. Professionalism
  21. Respect for humanity
  22. Respect for human dignity
  23. Duty-boundedness
  24. Rationality
  25. Social equality
  26. Self-confidence
  27. Achievement orientation
  28. Change-catalyst
  29. Fraternity
  30. Dedication to public service
  31. Moral Courage
  32. Sense of solidarity with others

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