How to Prepare for APPSC Group 1 Prelims Exam – Study Plan

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APPSC Group-1 Services Preliminary Exam (Screening Test) Preparation tips, Strategy, Study plan, Pattern, Syllabus, Books list, Material/Notes:

How to prepare for APPSC Group 1 Exam? APPSC Group-1 Services Exam is the most challenging and the prestigious exam in Andhra Pradesh. Posts in Group-1 include Deputy Collector (RDO), Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Commercial Tax Officer (CTO), Municipal Commissioner, District Registrar etc. All these posts are highest entry-level jobs.

Group -1 exam is a difficult nut to crack. In 2016 Group -1 Notification, there are only 78 posts. It means that only 4000 candidates will go through this stage to the Mains Exam. (APPSC will select candidates to the Mains exam in 1:50 ratio to the total number of posts, which means 78×50 ~ 4000 candidates)

APPSC Group -1 prelims exam is for 150 marks. It consists of 150 questions. For the first time, APPSC has introduced the Negative Marking in the Prelims Exam. There is a deduction of one third mark for each question that is wrongly answered. This makes Group -1 Prelims exam similar to that of UPSC Civil Services Prelims.

Due to negative marking in the exam, you must answer questions only if you are sure about the answer. Blind guessing should be avoided as every single mark is important in the exam due to high competition.

Moreover, Group -1 prelims syllabus is very vast and comprehensive. It covers almost all subjects from Ancient Indian History to the Modern day scientific developments. Hence, to succeed in the exam, candidate must be aware of more subjects.

APPSC Group-1 Prelims Syllabus

Broadly, Group -1 Prelims syllabus can be divided into these categories:

  1. Current Affairs
  2. General Science
  3. Indian History
  4. Geography
  5. Indian Economy
  6. Indian Polity
  7. Environment
  8. Disaster Management
  9. Aptitude and Reasoning
  10. Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh

We will now see what strategy to be followed for each of this topic, and how to prepare for this topic.

1. Current Affairs

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Current Affairs

We can expect around 20-25 questions from the current affairs. This means that majority of the questions in the prelims exam will be from current affairs. Moreover questions in this topic are related with other subjects like General Science, Economics and Polity. This makes it the most important topic for Group -1 prelims exam

How to Prepare for Current Affairs?:

One must essentially read two newspapers daily. One Telugu Newspaper for current affairs related to Andhra Pradesh and other is an English Newspaper to cover national and international current affairs.

For Telugu, you can chose either Eenadu or Sakshi. For English, you can chose between Indian Express and The Hindu. In my opinion, Indian Express is better than The Hindu as it covers variety of topics.

Telugu Medium candidates can read two Telugu newspapers instead of reading English News paper.

Another important point in preparing for current affairs is listening to All India Radio News Analysis which comes at 9:15 PM daily. It is just for 15 minutes ad important issues are discussed in this programme. you must note down important points from this programme. I believe listening is more efficient that reading

Candidates must prepare daily notes from newspapers. You must note down important news items daily. It is better to maintain a diary with daily notes, so that you can revise the note easily.

You must note down recent important national and international events from the newspapers. Direct questions can be asked from this and you can get some easy marks.

Apart from reading newspapers, you must also follow any other current affairs magazines. We have prepared monthly current affairs, daily current affairs and important events in 2016 in Telugu. You can download these material on current affairs in Telugu from here: Current Affairs in Telugu

2. General Science

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 General Science

Candidates must read  Andhra Pradesh APSCERT Textbooks on General Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry from Class 6 to Class 10.  They cover all important basics of General Science subject. They are sufficient for subject based questions of General Science.

You can download these books from here: English Medium || Telugu Medium

English Medium candidates can also read NCERT textbooks on Science. It is very common that many questions are directly taken from the NCERT books as they are very standard in nature.

You can download them from here: NCERT Science Books

We have also compiled important aspects of General Science material especially for APPSC Group -1 Prelims in Telugu. You can download this material from here: General Science Material

However, for current affairs related general science questions, candidates must also focus on scientific developments in the news while preparing for current affairs like ISRO Satellite launches, Awards, Missile launches etc.

There will be some 15-20 questions only from this topic. Hence, this topic should be given least priority compared with other subjects.

3. Indian History

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Indian History

In Indian History, there are three subtopics, which are Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History. While preparing for Indian History, candidates must focus on Political, Economic, Social, Art, Literature, Cultural and Architectural aspects of history. Old NCERT Textbooks on History will suffice for Indian History. However, you can also read new NCERT History books as they are easy to understand.

Moreover, you can skip the World history part of new NCERT History books as they are not in the syllabus.

You can download these NCERT Books on History from here: New NCERT History Books || Old NCERT History Books

In Modern Indian History, you must focus more on Indian National Movement. More questions from this topic are expected in the prelims exam compared to other parts of Indian History.

4. Geography

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Geography

There are three parts in in this topic, they are World, Indian and Andhra Pradesh Geography. Reading NCERT books on Geography will cover both the World and Indian Geography and that will suffice for these two topics for the exam.

Both the Old and New NCERT Geography textbooks are good. You can chose any of these. Moreover, GC Leong’s Physical Geography covers all aspects of World Geography and Physical Geography.

You can download these books from here: Old NCERT Geography Books || New NCERT Geography Books

Gist of NCERT Geography Book || G C Leong’s Geography

For Andhra Pradesh Geography, reading AP SCERT text books on Social Studies will cover all the basic aspects of AP Geography. We have compiled Complete AP Geography Material in Telugu with latest statistics. You can download this material in Telugu from here: AP Geography Material

5. Indian Economy

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Indian Economy

This subject includes topics like Planning in Indian Economy, Economic issues and Economic reforms. Questions in Indian Economy will be of basic nature. NCERT Books on Economics are more than sufficient in answering subject-based questions. You can download these NCERT Economics books from here: NCERT Economics Text Books

However, there is more scope for current affairs related questions in this topic. Hence, candidates must prepare for Indian Economic issues and events while preparing for current affairs. Moreover, candidate must prepare the latest statistics on various aspects like Poverty, Unemployment, Growth rate, 2011 Census related aspects like Child Sex Ratio, Female Ratio, Illiteracy etc, as direct questions from these topics can be asked in the exam.

6. Indian Polity

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Indian Polity

This subject includes topics like basic features of Governance in the country, Centre-state relations etc. This subject is very vaguely worded in the syllabus like constitutional issues and public policy. Hence, it is advised that candidates must basic understanding of the subject. Candidates must prepare important features of Indian Constitution, Government programs and policies. Candidates must also prepare for important Andhra Pradesh Government’s programs and policies.

Reading NCERT textbooks on Polity will give a broad understanding of Indian Polity. You can download these books from here: NCERT Polity Text Books

We have prepared complete Indian polity material required for APPSC Group -1, Group -2 and Group -3 exams in Telugu for Telugu Medium candidates. You can download this material from here: Indian Polity in Telugu Material

7. Environment and Disaster Management

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Environment

This topic includes various types of pollution, sustainable development, environmental degradation like soil erosion, global warming, climate change, biodiversity and environmental protection measures. You can download AP SCERT Textbooks on Environmental Studies of Class 9 and 10. They cover all basic aspects of Environment.

You can download these books from here: English Medium || Telugu Medium

Moreover, this topic has more scope for current affairs related questions. Hence, candidates must focus on Environmental issues like important events and conferences, Sustainable Development Goals, UNFCCC meetings  while preparing for current affairs.

Another important topic here is the Disaster Management. Reading CBSE text books on Disaster management  will cover all aspects of disaster management. Current Affairs related information of Disaster Management like Sendai Framework, National Disaster Management Plan must be prepared by the candidates.

You can download Disaster Management material from here: Telugu Medium || English Medium

 8. Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Aptitude and Reasoning

This topic is the most mark fetching topic in the paper, especially for Maths and Science background students. However, Arts background students can also fetch maximum marks in this section with good preparation.

It includes data interpretation, logical reasoning, data analysis etc. Practicing R S Agarwal’s books on Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and General English will suffice for the exam.

9. Issues Related to AP Bifurcation

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 ap bifurcation

This is a current affairs related topic. While preparing for current affairs, this aspect also must be covered by the candidates. Moreover, candidates must note down the important points of AP Reorganisation Act, 2014. You can download important points of AP Reorganisation Act, 2014 in Telugu from here: AP Reorganisation Act, 2014

10. Practicing What You have Read

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Practice Bits

It is the most important step in the preparation process. Without good practice, it is impossible to clear to the exam. candidates must practice various previous year questions and model questions.

We are posting free online tests on all subjects of APPSC Group -1 in subject-wise. These tests cover all aspects of all subjects like Indian Polity, Indian History, Indian Geography, Economics, General Science etc. Please bookmark this link to stay updated with the online tests, You can access these free online tests from here: Online Practice Tests

11. Previous Years Question Papers

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Previous Papers

Practicing Group -1 Prelims previous papers is another important step in the preparation process. Many Times, direct questions from previous years question papers were asked in the exams. Moreover, practicing them will help the candidates to understand what type of questions are being asked about a topic in the exam.

You can download all Group -1 Prelims Previous Questions Papers from 2002 to 2012 from here:  Prelims Previous Papers

The most important thing in clearing Group -1 prelims exam is to be motivated throughout the preparation process. We have published an article on how to be motivated always. reading this article will definitely increase your motivational levels for the exam.

Read this article on how to be motivated to achieve success in the Group -1 Exam: How to be motivated for success?

Essential Books List for APPSC Group-1 Prelims Exam

APPSC Group 1 Preparation, APPSC Group 1 Books

  1. NCERT Text Books 
  2. AP SCERT Text Books 
  3. R S Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, General English Books
    Buy these books from Amazon from here at cheapest price:
    Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation
    Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning
    Logical Reasoning
    General English
  4. M. Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity
    Buy this latest edition Book from Amazon from here at cheapest price:
    Telugu Medium
    English Medium
  5. CBSE Text Books on Disaster Management
  6. Daily News paper
  7. Good current affairs magazine
  8. NIOS Text books on Environment
  9. SmartPrep Material

If you follow this strategy and plan, your success in the preliminary exam is a sure-shot and there will no stopping to you in the exam.

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We will post a separate article on how to prepare for APPSC Group -1 Mains Exam shortly. Please stay tuned to our site for updates.


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