NIOS – Environmental Science Study Material & Textbook for UPSC Civil Services PDF

NIOS – Environmental Studies Sr. Secondary Course Study Material & Textbook for UPSC Civil Services Exam, APPSC, TSPSC and Other State PSC Exams – Compiled into Single PDF – Free Download

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Study Material is very much in demand for the candidates preparing for UPSC Civil Services and State PSC Groups Exams in India. NIOS publishes its study material in very high-standard and it is very helpful for the candidates preparing for these competitive exams. It provides textbooks and study material on various subjects like History, Geography, Environment, Political Science, Sociology, Science, Economics.

In this post, we are proving NIOS Environmental Science Study Material/Textbook in a single PDF. We have combined all the module-wise PDFs of Environment material into one single PDF. This PDF will be helpful for the candidates to read and revise. This material also include practice questions, important points and summary of each lesson.

There are total Eight (8) modules and 36 lessons in the NIOS Environmental Science Study Material. The Contents of this study material are as follows

Module 1: Environment through Ages

  1. Origin of Earth and Evolution of the Environment
  2. Environment and Human Society
  3. Degradation of Natural Environment

Module 2: Ecological Concepts and Issues

  1. Principles of Ecology
  2. Ecosystem
  3. Natural Ecosystem
  4. Human Modified Ecosystems

Module 3: Human Impact on Environment

  1. Human societies
  2. Deforestation

Module 4: Contemporary Environment Issues

  1. Environmental Pollution
  2. Environment and Health
  3. Disasters and their Management
  4. National Environmental Issues
  5. Global Environmental Issues

Module 5: Environmental Conversation

  1. Biodiversity Conversation
  2. Conservation of other Natural Resources
  3. Conservation of Soil and Land
  4. Water and Energy Conservation

Module 6: Sustainable Development

  1. Origin and concept of Sustainable Development
  2. Modern Agriculture
  3. Concept of Sustainable Agriculture
  4. Clearner Technology

Module 7 – Environmental Management

  1. Environmental Legislation
  2. Environmental Impact assessment
  3. Environmental Related Institutions and Organisations
  4. Environmental Ethics and Gandhian Approach

Module 8A – Water Resource Management

  1. Global Circulation of Water
  2. Ground water Resources
  3. Fresh water Resources
  4. Methods of water Harvesting
  5. Water Conservation at Different Levels

Module 8B – Energy and Environment

  1. Importance of Energy in society
  2. Non-Renewable Sources of energy
  3. Renewable Sources of energy – I
  4. Renewable Sources of energy – II
  5. Energy Conservation

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