NIOS – Sociology & Indian Society Study Material & Textbook for UPSC PDF

NIOS Sociology and Indian Society Study Material and Textbook for UPSC Civil Services Senior Secondary Course Single PDF Free Download

NIOS – Sociology & Indian Society Sr. Secondary Course Study Material & Textbook for UPSC Civil Services Exam, APPSC, TSPSC and Other State PSC Exams – Compiled into Single PDF – Free Download

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Study Material is very much in demand for the candidates preparing for UPSC Civil Services and State PSC Groups Exams in India. NIOS publishes its study material in very high-standard and it is very helpful for the candidates preparing for these competitive exams. It provides textbooks and study material on various subjects like History, Geography, Environment, Political Science, Sociology, Science, Economics.

In this post, we are proving NIOS Sociology & Indian Society Study Material/Textbook in a single PDF. We have combined all the module-wise PDFs of Sociology material into one single PDF. This PDF will be helpful for the candidates to read and revise. This material also include practice questions, important points and summary of each lesson.

There are total Six (6) modules and 39 lessons in the NIOS Sociology & Indian Society Study Material. The Contents of this study material are as follows

Module 1: Sociology – Basic Concepts

  • Lesson 1: An Introduction of Sociology
  • Lesson 2: Emergence and Development of Sociology
  • Lesson 3: Sociology: Its Relationships with other Social Sciences
  • Lesson 4: Methods and Techniques of Research in Sociology
  • Lesson 5: Society, Community, Association and Institution
  • Lesson 6: Social Groups
  • Lesson 7: Social Structure and Social System
  • Lesson 8: Norms and Values
  • Lesson 9: Status and Role
  • Lesson 10: Cooperation, Competition and Conflict
  • Lesson 11: Acculturation, Assimilation & Integration

Module 2: Social Institutions and Social Stratification

  • Lesson 12: Marriage
  • Lesson 13: Family
  • Lesson 14: Kinship
  • Lesson 15: Economy, Polity and Religion
  • Lesson 16: Social Stratification: Hierarchy, Differentiation and Inequality

Module 3: Social Change, Socialization and Social Control

  • Lesson 17: Factors of Social change
  • Lesson 18: Processes of Social Change
  • Lesson 19: Socialization
  • Lesson 20: Social Control
  • Lesson 21: Social Deviance
  • Lesson 22: Society and Our Environment 

Module 4: Indian Society

  • Lesson 23: Indian Social Thinkers
  • Lesson 24: Unity and Diversity 
  • Lesson 25: National Integration: Concept and Challenge
  • Lesson 26: India Society: Tribal, Rural and Urban
  • Lesson 27: Caste System in India
  • Lesson 28: Major Religious communities in India
  • Lesson 29: Major Social Problems of India
  • Lesson 30: Problems of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 
  • Lesson 31: Problems of other Deprived Sections

Optional Module-1: Status of Women

  • Lesson 32A: Historical and Cultural Perspective
  • Lesson 33A: Gender Discrimination
  • Lesson 34A: Problem of Women
  • Lesson 35A: Quest for Equality and Women’s Empowerment 

Optional Module-2 Culture

  • Lesson 32B: Culture: Concept and Characteristics 
  • Lesson 33B: Indian Cultural Heritage
  • Lesson 34B: Cultural Pluralism
  • Lesson 35B: Media and Culture

Download the PDF of NIOS Sociology & Indian Society Study Material and Textbook (Senior Secondary Course) from below:

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