NIOS – World & Indian Geography Study Material for UPSC Civil Services PDF

NIOS – Indian and World Geography  Sr. Secondary Course Study Material & Textbook for UPSC Civil Services Exam, APPSC, TSPSC and Other State PSC Exams – Compiled into Single PDF – Free Download

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Study Material is very much in demand for the candidates preparing for UPSC Civil Services and State PSC Groups Exams in India. NIOS publishes its study material in very high-standard and it is very helpful for the candidates preparing for these competitive exams. It provides textbooks and study material on various subjects like History, Geography, Environment, Political Science, Sociology, Science, Economics.

In this post, we are proving NIOS Indian and World Physical Geography Study Material in a single PDF. We have combined all the module-wise PDFs of Geography  into one single PDF. This PDF will be helpful for the candidates to read and revise. This material also include practice questions, important points and summary of each lesson.

There are total eleven (11) modules and 32 lessons in the NIOS World and Indian Geography Study Material. The Contents of this study material are as follows:

  • Module 1: The Study of Geography as a Discipline
    • Lesson 1. Nature of Geography as a discipline
  • Module 2: Changing Face of the Earth
    • Lesson 2. Earth’s interior and its Material
    • Lesson 3. Dynamic surface of the earth
    • Lesson 4. Evolution of Land forms due to internal forces
    • Lesson 5. The work of running water and underground water
    • Lesson 6. The work of moving ice, wind and sea waves
    • Lesson 7. Major land forms and their economic significance
  • Module 3: The Domain of the Water on the Earth
    • Lesson 8. Ocean: sub marine relief and circulation of ocean water
  • Module 4: The Domain of Air on the Earth
    • Lesson 9. Structure and composition of atmosphere
    • Lesson 10. Insolation and temperature
    • Lesson 11. Atmospheric pressure and winds
    • Lesson 12. Humidity and precipitation
    • Lesson 13. Weather and climate
  • Module 5: The Domain of Life on the Earth
    • Lesson 14. Biosphere
    • Lesson 15. Biomes
  • Module 6: The Physical setting of India
    • Lesson 16. India-Physical Features
    • Lesson 17. Climate of India
    • Lesson 18. Natural Disasters
  • Module 7: Natural resource and their Development in India
    • Lesson 19. Our Resources
    • Lesson 20. Land, Soil and Vegetation Resources in India
    • Lesson 21. Our Water Resources
  • Module 8: Economic Activities and Infrastructural development in India
    • Lesson 22. Land Use and Agriculture
    • Lesson 23. Development of Mineral and Energy Resources
    • Lesson 24. Industrial Development
    • Lesson 25. Transport, Communication and Trade in India
  • Module 9: Human Resource Development in India
    • Lesson 26. Population Density, Distribution and Growth in India
    • Lesson 27. Population Composition in India
    • Lesson 28. Human Development
    • Lesson 29. Human Settlement
  • Module 10A: Local area Planning
    • Lesson 30. Local area Planning
    • Lesson 31. Data collection, Processing and Analysis
    • Lesson 32. Recommendations through case studies
  • Module 10B: Geography of Tourism in India 
    • Lesson 30. Tourism-Concept, Resources and Development
    • Lesson 31. Development of Infrastructure and Growth of Tourism
    • Lesson 32. Prospects and Problems of Tourism


Download the PDF of NIOS Indian and World Physical Geography Study Material and Textbook (Senior Secondary Course) from below:

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