Telangana Social Development Report (TSDR) 2017 PDF – Free Download


Telangana Social Development Report (TSDR) 2017 Document PDF – Free Download

The Telangana Social Development Report 2017 (TSDR) presents a statistical profile of the social sector in the state of Telangana, drawing on data from various rounds of NSSO supplemented by Census data, for the districts comprising the state prior to district re-organisation in 2016. The new districts are smaller in size and have increased in number from 10 to 31,with each district measuring roughly 60sq km. If the primary aim of district reorganisation is to stimulate participatory governance and inclusive development, this report hopes to point to some crucial pathways to put people, especially those from vulnerable communities at the centre of re-imagining just governance.

The contents of Telangana Social Development Report, 2017 are as follows:

  1. Telangana State: Geography, Economy and People
  2. Land and Agriculture in Telangana
  3. Credit Flow and Indebtedness in Telangana
  4. Social Dimensions of the Labour Force in Telangana
  5. Aspects of Education in Telangana
  6. Public Distribution System in Telangana
  7. Health Status in Telangana
  8. Housing, Water and Related Amenities in Telangana

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