APPSC Group -1 Mains Exam, 2017 All Question Papers PDFs Download

APPSC Group -1 Mains 2017 Exam Question Papers PDFs Free Download

APPSC Group -1 Services Mains Examination, 2017 All Question Papers (General English + 5 Papers) – PDF Free Download

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) has successfully conducted the Group -1 Services (2016 Notification) Mains Exam from 17th August, 2017 to 28th August, 2017. In this Post, we are providing the Question Papers for all exam papers in PDF format of APPSC Group -1 Services Main Examination, 2017.

You can download the APPSC Group -1 Mains Exam, 2017 Question Papers from below links:

General English

Paper -1 (General Essay)

Paper -2 (Indian & AP History and Indian Polity)

Paper -3 (Indian & AP Economy)

Paper -4 (Science, Technology & Environment)

Paper -5 (Data Appreciation & Interpretation)

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      1. Hi Veeru I am also planning to file an RTI to get my answer sheets. But I doubt whether they are exempted from providing the same.

        1. Hi ajay they are not exempted.In fact they are saying by disclosing the answer booklets it might affect the selection process.But I don’t understand how it would affect if the corrections are foolproof.Anyway iam going ahead.

        2. Hi .. I am also interested in filing RTI for answersheet … There are allegations coming out about the correction of papers…

      2. They won’t provide answer booklets as it will open Pandora’s box. If I’m correct Upsc was taken to supreme Court for disclosing answer sheets but Court supported Upsc and the matter ended there. You can try by filing Rti. Regarding marks they will disclose anyway on the last day of interviews. I think the cut off was high as seats are less and many veterans of 2011 competed with an advantage of writing re exam of 2016. So they has to just revise.

    1. I hoped that you would be IN. Anyways all the best for your future endeavours. What did they do with underlining issue. Have they considered it or not. Did anyone clear from this group??

  1. Congrats to all selected candidates. I am out. people who are IN can you please share how many questions you have attempted in each paper.

  2. It’s Jan 31 we have reached even the expected results date. I hope at least they maintain transparency and stick to tentative dates in the notification. This lag erodes the confidence on institutions.

  3. Any information about expected date of results could be more helpful. Anxiety levels are breaching their broder.

  4. hopeless institution!!!! 5 months for correcting 2400 candidates papers!!!!

    inefficiency at its best !!!!

      1. Please run a Google search with the following
        “Appsc commission phone number list”
        The search results will land you on a PDF document where you can access all the members contact details.

    1. True! UPSC gave results in less than 70 days. It had around 14k papers to be evaluated and APPSC has less than 4000 papers but still it takes so long!

  5. Can any one give clarification . I belongs to Telangana state with Open category . I appeared in APPSC Group 1 mains . Am I eligible to compete for all open general posts in AP Group 1 .there are 26 posts in Open general in Group 1 – 2016 notification . Please clarify .

    1. Two scenarios:

      1) The result may get delayed thanks to this untimely result of 2011
      2) The result may come in a short while and qualified candidates may be done with interviews and training of 2011 batch and 2016 batch selected candidates may go simultaneously.

      1. Interviews of 2017 candidates only after February 20th…Training will be combined. Result may come in January and they will give one month gap between result and interviews. So most probably result in last week of january.

  6. For 152 posts, only 294 have been called for interview which is less than 1:2 ratio. If that is the case, for 78 posts in 2016 notification, APPSC may call 150 only!

  7. Hello Friends , As Per APPSC Help Desk , Evaluation Schedule is given to them , Expected to release Mains results in January – 2018 . So I Request all to Participate and Give your Views on Papers of Group – I like Paper Standard , Performance , Good Scores , Competition .

  8. called Appsc for results date. They said the results would be announced next year and correction of papers was under process. I think next year means just like previous group 1(2011)re exam mains results announced on 11 jan 2017, we can expect in Jan 2018 our results.

  9. How many people would be qualified for interview? Is it 1:2 or 1:3? I feel that Appsc is maintaining secrecy regarding the correction of papers. They might have started correction but not giving out the information.

    1. APPSC would be calling candidates in the ratio 1:2 for interview. Like Prelims, Mains also was designed to reject candidates than to select for interview.

  10. Correction not yet started.At this rate result may come next year. Better not to think about it as the results will be declared when Appsc feels like declaring. By anticipating results we are wasting our time and energy. Better to ignore and stay happy.

    1. There wont be any minimum qualifying marks in individual paper ,you may get 50 in one paper and 130 in other paper , at end total score matters .

  11. hi, does anyone know the exact take home salary for Group 1 cadre if we crack top 3 posts? please let me know the gross per month and take home per month.

    1. In Group 1 Exam , Top 3 posts Basic Pay is 40,270 . DA at Present is 22.008% (8,863 Rs) , HRA depends on Posting Location. it may be 12% or 14.5% or 20% or 30 % .If Govt Quarters are given , HRA will be exempted . Deductions are APGLI , CPS etc will be around 6500 Rupees.

    1. I thought that after bifurcation AP state services would be more prompt than earlier but everything reversed. No proper timelines, so many court cases and everything is moving at snail pace. They have to streamline a lot.

    2. Ha Ha Frustrations building up!!! While preparing for APPSC and UPSC this becomes a part and parcel 🙂 🙂

      By the way as per friend of mine who is MRO now had met a person whos working in APPSC on some department work. He said that corrections were started in month of October and can expect results in december.

      Lets see How APPSC performs!!

      I think even government will take prestigious to complete atleast 1 recruitment before it goes to elections!!!

  12. I messed up economy paper as I had limited knowledge about AP economy. I have prepared for UPSC and I just covered AP economy in the last month. Could not remember facts. How did everyone write economy paper.

    1. me too prepared for upsc….i too felt very much difficult while preparing ap subjects like horrible really within one month…

      1. I heard people saying that if one prepares for UPSC APPSC would become cakewalk. But to me only 40% of syllabus is overlapping with UPSC remaining 60% is particular to APPSC. We need to dedicate appropriate time for that 60%. Even paper 5 was not at all easy. Even paasages were hard to interpret. I mean some questions in passages are vague. Even quant section was time taking. And I see people here predicting cutoff around 420. I really wonder if the cutoff would be that high. Maybe people who prepared for group 1 particularly would have found papers easy. But to me all papers were not that easy.

        1. actually…papers are not that much easy….hope for the best…….yes paper 5 , i am also felt difficult in quant section , actually i attempted only 2 out of 5 quant, i went for utilysing our upsc analysis strategy i answred questions, which may not be correct, so dont worry..

        2. I think APPSC was easy before 2012…Now they have made it difficult with huge syllabus, analytical questions, sub-questions and lengthy paper. Further the preparation for upsc and appsc is different, and it is better to concentrate on one as syllabus overlap is only 30 percent. It was a cakewalk for upsc aspirants before because Appsc also had two optional papers and gs papers,then the syllabus used to overlap nearly 85%. One has to choose one or else one cannot do justice to either.

          1. Exactly!! We can’t do justice to both of them at the same time. But we can’t rely on state services as they don’t follow timelines and court cases come as bonus with them. Unless they follow strict calendar and proper exam structure we can’t rely on state services. By the way did they start correction of group 1 papers??

      1. Sorry I mean papers of 3000 candidates. UPSC corrects more than 13000 candidates papers and takes not even more than 3 months. And as per the comments above it seems that appsc has not yet started correction of papers. And what they are going to do with 2011 group 1 case is still mysterious. I fear they would correct our papers only after 2011 group 1 case.

        1. If that is the case our result will come in next December. The 2011 case will go to supreme Court and it will take at least 6 months for it’s culmination and another 2 to 3 months for interviews and result.

    1. They are saying 2 months since the day exam is over. Call them after 15 or 20 or after one month, still they will say after 2 months. The plain fact is they haven’t started the paper correction.

      1. AP State Public Service is definitely loosing their sheen. May be one day they might privatise the services or they may outsource them.

  13. Than you have any rough estimate of cut off would be … I am expecting 380 nearly giving max marks to any question is 6.

    1. Hai mahesh regarding awarding of marks suppose answer is below average 2 or 3 marks/10 irrelevant 0 marks average 4 or 5 good 7 or 8 outstanding 9 so getting 9 is rare .everyone thinks that I wrote the exam well including me.but it all depends on whether he/she addressed the question in the right way. That’s why 3 evaluations are there.underlining is a very minor issue. So don’t worry let us hope for the best and wait patiently for 60 days

      1. I messed up economy paper as I had limited knowledge about AP economy. I have prepared for UPSC and I just covered AP economy in the last month. Could not remember facts. How did everyone write economy paper.

  14. Hi friends, anybody knows about the underline issue update.. as the corrections started ,what happened to the candidates who had underlined the headings in the anaswer sheet? Is Appsc allowed those answer sheets for correction? Please discuss this.

    1. Hai mahesh underlining by itself would not invalidate anyone.but if the underlining makes your paper unique then the examiner will see whether malpractice can be the instructions it may be avoided not must.appsc has only good intention to prevent the not worry.

    1. Result date no one knows…They did not start correction( as of 25/10/2017) and as far as I know correction starts only after giving final notification on objections. It has to be there because one series problem is wrong(2,4,15,70).

      1. The series problem is right. The papers are error free. That is the reason why they didn’t publish the final decision on objections.As of now Appsc is saying result will come in December.

  15. Go to google search and type APPSC contact…Then click the page which says contact appsc. There you will get 7 contact numbers and they will pick the call if you try 4 to 5 times. Generally they are higher level functionaries and give you accurate info.

  16. Hi friends , I heard that corrections are going on in Usmania university and results are expected in November end or first week of December.

  17. If they invalid all underlined papers then we can go to court. We have a strong case for the following reasons:
    1) In hall ticket it is not mentioned while the other instructions like using different pens, sketch pens etc were mentioned
    2) In answer booklet it is clearly mentioned underlining “may” be avoided, it is only advisory not a compulsion.
    3) Instructions should be unequivocal and they can never vary from one set to another. Further underlining cannot be equated with symbols or different pens because it is common practice and we have to underline for our own clarity and examiners ease of correcting our papers.
    We have a strong case and let’s see what future beholds.

    1. If Appsc implements underlining thing then we can go to court based on the three reasons:
      1) In hall ticket it is not mentioned while the other things like using different pens, sketch pens are mentioned.
      2) In answer booklet it is clearly mentioned underlining “may” be avoided it means it’s only advisable and not a compulsion.
      3) All the instructions should be similar and they can’t vary from one set to another. Further instructions cannot be arbitary and underling is quite common as it is a routine practice.
      Based on the above facts we will get a favorable decision. Anyway let’s see what future beholds.

    1. No objections. Papers are perfect. Results may come by November last week or may be earlier. They have to correct only 2500 papers per paper. It may take a month or so. Results can be expected any day after October.

  18. My analysis of papers:
    1) Paper 1 essay was multi dimensional and people who have written covering all the nuances will get 110+
    2) Paper 2 history and polity were analytical and good score will be 90+
    3) Paper 3 again is analytical and all questions are based on divergent viewpoints can score 90+
    4) Comparatively easy when considered with last year paper where sub questions were asked but questions were technical. Score can be 90+
    5) Difficult paper because it is lengthy and 110+ could be good score.

    1. The scores mentioned by you are unbelievable! Like the question papers, correction also might be made tough. 75+ scores in GS papers and 90+ scores in Essay and 100+ in Paper 5 could be decent score as per my guess

  19. Don’t worry. We will examine. If your paper is not specifically identifiable, there would not be any problem. The idea is that no scope for manipulation should be there. If there is no such scope, normally we don’t disqualify. We will request the Commissionand a fair decision would be taken. No need to be tense

    The above is the message received by me from Mr Sai Secretary APPSC, when i enquired about underlining. I underlined in all papers as i have read instruction in answer booklet where it is mentioned as UNDERLINING MAY BE AVOIDED. As it is only tentative i went ahead and underlined. I thought in question paper the instruction was erroneous and further no such instruction was their in hall ticket.

    1. Are there any issue with questions… As it was the case last time…. I’m new to APPSC … Don’t know…. Can you tell me your paper wise performance

      1. Though questions seemed easy, writing quality answers was difficult within a very less time of 10-12 mins. Wrote many generic answers. In Paper 5,section-1 was bad for me.

        1. Now APPSC is taking utmost care in framing papers. They are trying to avoid legal hurdles as far as possible.
          In my view, no major deviations from the syllabus. I think that they will declare the results within 2 months.

      2. Dear friends, it is important and necessary for us all to have a good platform to have discussions and to vent out our grievances. Suggest if any..

    1. No idea…. If any of friends here have any knowledge about the time gap generally taken to declare results , can be helpful in estimating the date…. What were previous year cut offs for general candidates? Any idea?

      1. No definite trend has been followed by APPSC.. How were the question papers? How many questions could be answered? What would be the maximum marks scored in each subject..

  20. I did put box around the final answer in data interpretation paper will it make my answer sheet invalid??? seriously worried…

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